Connect Brume2 with Google wifi

Question, how-to connect Brume and google wifi. I want the have Brume be the VPN client so all devices connect on my home network (google WiFi or unmanaged switch) go through Brume. I have xfinity gateway connected to Brume WAN port from Brume LAN port I connected to google wifi globe icon port from the google double arrows icon port I plug that into unmanaged switch and I get no internet or vpn connection, both light are blinking. I had put the Brume after the google wifi which got assigned an IP and able to get internet and vpn clients, that were connected to switch working. The problem is any device connect to WiFi isn’t going through Brume. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help in advance

Sounds like that setup should work as a double or triple nat. So something is not working correctly.

If google wifi is not doing any mesh with secondary wifi devices, you can put the google wifi in bridge mode to extend the brume network. Then plug the switch and wifi into the brume.

The google wifi is mesh with 3 other access points. From the google forums if it’s meshed then Google wifi will be the main router to give dhcp. So is there a way to have the brume just be the vpn gateway client and put in between ISP modem and google wifi main router?

UPDATE: Issue solved, xfinity modem/router was cauce. I unplugged the modem for 15 min plugged back in with Brume 2 connected in-front of the Google wifi. After xfinity modem fully powered up brume 2 had internet connection and vpn was enable. All traffic wireless and wired went through brume vpn.