Connect GL-AX1800 with Huawei E8372

Hello all,

I am using GL-AX1800 router and I recently bought the Huawei E8372 that I am trying to use with a SIM card. I have plug it in the usb port of the GL-AX1800 router, however it is not shown inside the admin page.
I have tried so far:

  • E8372 works both as a wifi and usb provider. The sim card is activated, so all good with this device
  • I changed the ip of E8372 so it doesn’t overlap with the GL-AX1800
  • GL-AX1800 works with ethernet cable connection

However, I think GL-AX1800 and Huawei E8372 are not compatible to connect using the usb port. Anyone aware for any settings that needs changing ?

Thank you very much!

The E8372, if working as tethering, should appear in the tethering section of the router.

Can you do this:

ssh to the router and use command

ifconfig -a

to check if there is any network interfaces created by the E8372.

Also get the log after you plug in E8372. Get this using command logread

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