Connect GL-iNet AX1800 in a Fritzbox Mesh

I currently have the following configuration. A Starlink to which a Fritzbox 7590AX is connected, and I also installed a Fritzbox 7590 AX on each floor, all of which are connected to one another in the mesh (as a total of 3x Fritzbox).
Now I got the GL-iNET AX1800 because of the VPN purpose and would like to attach it to the Starlink as the first router via WAN and leave the Fritzbox network behind the GL-iNet router as it is. Is that possible? Is the GL-iNet also mesh-capable?
It would be perfect to use the GL-INET as a main router and link all the others to MESH access points.
Thank you in advance for your answer.

No, It’s not Fritz!Mesh compatible.

You need to install the GL between StarLink and FritzBox in that case.

So i connect AX1800 to Starlink via WAN (similiar as it is right now to the Fritzbox), and then connect the Main router from the fritzbox Net to the AX1800. Right? From AX1800 via WAN to the Fritzbox Main router or via LAN?

Many thanks in advance