Connect MT300n to IFTTT?

is there a way of connecting an MT300N to IFTTT?
It would be useful for things like scheduled reboots at certain times of day etc…

Why would you like to add IFTTT ability on router? What something else do you want to do?

If you just need to scheduled reboot, I consider that writing a shell script can do that as well

You can also reboot your device from GoodCloud

There really shouldn’t be a need for scheduled reboots of a device like this. They should run for months without attention other than keeping up with security patches.

If you believe you need periodic reboots, I would look at the root cause and resolve that.

Without knowing your purpose I think that could be done. As you know we have our cloud so we can connect to IFTTT via our cloud. This may be useful for various scenarios.