Connect NVR to Flint 2 for POE camera remote viewing

Hi all,

I’ve got the Flint 2 router functioning well apart from my POE cameras. I understand the router does not support POE; however, I have a Reolink RLN8-410 NVR hooked up to a power supply and the 4x POE cameras drawing power from it.

I’ve tried connecting my CAT5E ethernet cable (and tried multiple CAT5E cables) from the NVR to the router LAN port as pictured. I’ve tried multiple LAN ports but none allow me to access the cameras for remote viewing. See picture of connections here:

I have tried the Asus AX5700 (RT-AX86U Pro) router connected to the NVR and it works perfectly, immediately allowing for remote viewing without any need for configuration. My older Netcomm router also works perfectly, as does another Asus router.

Any ideas?


Hey :wave:

what IP-range do the cameras use?
They are plugged into port 3 I guess?

I’m not sure. It’s always been plug and play with every router I’ve used. The light grey cables are the poe cameras whereas the darker cable in the Lan 2 port serves as the data connection between the NVR and router, or at least that’s my understanding.

You need at least to restart all cameras after you connect them to a new router, so they get a new IP.

Done and fixed. You are an absolute legend, thank you!

Looks like your nvr is off DHCP, you made static IP address. So simple your nvr turn on DHCP and connect to router.