Connect router to wifi network


I want to connect my GT-MT300N-V2 to a WiFi network, is this possible or can this product only emit ?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Yes you can connect any of the GL routers that have wifi as a client to another wifi too :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, so how can I do that ? There’s not any option to connect as a client…

You should connect your router as a repeater to the existing wifi. You can then just use the LAN port and have Wifi disabled to run as a pure client, or have the wifi and repeat it.

I know i can do that, thanks.
But I want to connect the router as client to a 802.1x Wifi network. Is it exist custom firmware for that ?

Resume : I have a GT-MT300N-V2 and i want to connect it as a client to my wifi network with authentication 802.1x. Are there custom fimware for that ? Because the original firmware just accept WPA2 authentication.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my English, I’m french ^^.