Connect through a proxy server

Hi, I am using my beryl with USB tethering from my android phone. I setup a proxy server on the phone, and I want the router to use that server for all the clients.
I can make my laptop use the server for example by using the “Manual Proxy Setup” in the windows settings, but I would like a solution where I only do the setup in the router, and all clients connected through the router use it


When you set up the proxy on your phone, then tether your phone to the router,
won’t all the traffic just simply goes through the proxy?

I do tether it to the router, but the tethering doesn’t use the proxy

The issue here is found in the OSI model.
The proxy, such as SOCKS5, is set on OSI Layer 7 (Application). All applications on your Phone are able to use the Proxy.
On the other hand tethering is a routing somewhere in Layer 2/3 (Datalink/Network). So every packet from your remote device will go in your phone and will be routed to your Provider (CDMA (or similar) or WLAN). The tethered packages won’t see L7 on your phone, ever.

An other approach is to use a VPN instead of a proxy. It is something totally different, but will channel all traffic in one direction. Maybe it will solve your situation.

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VPN on the phone may be much better I think.