Connect to a hotel with a captive portal via Ethernet and then rebroadcast the connection using my own wifi ssid?

I have the GL-SFT1200 (Opal). How do can I connect to a hotel with a captive portal via Ethernet and then rebroadcast the connection using my own wifi ssid?

If you’re connecting via Ethernet cable you may have to clone the MAC of whatever device you’re using to authenticate against the captive portal.

Make sure any DNS-related setting are turned off in the Opal until you’re successfully online; they sometimes interfere/override the portal setup.

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Thanks for the info, I’ll try it.

If you have a problem, search here. There are a lot of posts.

Not sure where you are suggesting I search. Are you referring to this site?

Not sure what part of “here” was ambiguous, but yes, here on this site. I just searched and got more than 50 posts, and to my amusement one of mine from 2 years ago was the first one!!

But for fun I just googled “trigger captive portal” and got over 7 million hits, and the first one was pretty good.

Just read your post on Captive Portal Strategies. Some really good info.


I have several different GL-Inet routers and this works with all. I carry the Opal while traveling and use it the most. I have an iPhone, so have not tried an Android. Most people want to sign into the Hotel WiFi anonymously through the router and that causes a lot of issues. It can be done, but there are some DNS related setting that must be dealt with.

The most effective is to simply use your phone to sign into the WiFi – Give up all the information that it is asking for – and then write down the “Private Address” (your cell phone will set up a separate and secure MAC address for that Hotel Connection - Do not use the phone’s actual MAC Address - use the secure one that is set under the WiFi). Then, disconnect your cell phone and tell it to forget that network. Now change the MAC address in your router (under MAC CLONE) so that it matches the Private Address that was set by your cell phone. Now, the Hotel (or hospital) believes that the router is your cell phone. Check into your router with your computer, phone, ipad, etc… The Hotel (or Hospital) simply sees it as your cell phone. Make sure that you don’t sign into the Hotel WiFi with your phone again. Always go through the router. That MAC Address should be registered in the system for the duration. If not, start from the beginning and repeat as needed.

I carry an old unused iPhone with me for that very purpose.

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