Connect to a WLAN with suppressed SSID

The GL750(S) models scan the WLAN frequencies for active access points and display those which transmit their SSID. So far, so good. The user can select one and connect.

But how does the user connect to a known access point which does NOT transmit its SSID? Not only a small number are configured that way. Even my cell phone has a dialogue “Add a new network” where I can manually input an SSID and - if necessary - a passphrase. If the network is within reach, the phone will connect even when the SSID was invisible. Either I don’t see this option or it is indeed missing in the GL750 products. I cannot comment on other iNet models.

The complicated solution offered in subject “connecting to a hotel wifi (MT300A sees it as hidden ssid)” cannot really be meant serious; this customer who started the other subject was clearly overwhelmed with the task. The real solution for all WLANs with suppressed SSID is so easy: Let the customer enter the SSID.

BTW: I like the automatic cross-reference to possibly similar subjects which pops up

As the SSID is hidden, the router cannot scan and reconnect automatically. So that requires it always connect to that SSID.

So what you can do is:

First you need to disable repeater manager. The process is called gl_health and you need to rename that. So that it will not be revoke later.

Then you need to go to luci->network->wireless edit current sta and just enter info of your ssid.

As more and more people require this, we may add later.