Connect to AWS IoT

Hi, I have some S10 devices, I was able to flash them in the AWS firmware, but I don’t know how I would upload the certificates to be able to connect them to aws iot (send the mqtt messages to aws).
Any documentation I could follow?


Hi, you can enter Bluetooth configuration mode to update the certificate, and the update steps are as follows:

  1. Find the mqtt configuration item and click to enter to find the Update Certificate.

  2. After entering, fill in the URL for updating the certificate, and your relevant certificates need to be stored in a certain format path.
    For example, the URL for updating your certificate is “http://aws_cert_update/”.
    So you need to store the CA certificate in the “http://aws_cert_update/ca.crt”.
    The client certificate is stored in “http://aws_cert_update/client.crt”.
    The client key is stored in the “http://aws_cert_update/client.key”.

Hi, Thanks for the reply!
I tried to update the certificates as mentioned above but I get an error saying “Execution failed”
I listed my certificates on a web server on my machine and the base URL is
The files listed have the namings described above (ca.crt, client.crt and client.key).
Also, should I use the aws(3.0.3) or standard(3.0.3) firmware?
And for aws iot connection, should I enable the TLS button on mqtt configuration (it is only available on the standard firmware)
Any ideas of why it could be going wrong?

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Please make sure your s10 and your server is in the same LAN. If you update cert for aws, please use the aws firmware.

Yes, I have the device, the http server serving the certificates and the phone connected to the same wifi network.
I have the device flashed with the AWS 3.0.3 firmware
I can list the certificates if I nivigate to the server url ( from my phone.
Everything looks correct except when I try to update the certificates I get a Execution Failed message.
Any ideas?


It’s weird. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Please confirm restart the s10 after you set wifi ssid and password in Bluetooth configuration mode. And then reentre the Bluetooth configuration mode to update certs. By the way, please check the white led whether flash when your update certs, the white flash led is indicate the s10 is connected to the wifi.

Yes, the while LED is flashing (the wifi one).
Is there a log where I can read what’s happening when the execution failed error occurs?

The log can be read as follow:
You should open the S10 shell. It left a little notch in the back plate where you will start. After that, you should will see the PCB. According to the hardware doc to find the tx/rx/gnd, and you will need an USB to serial adapter to connect it.
Hardware - GL.iNet IoT Docs (