Connect to the Internet via usb tethering - auto

I support the router GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX) in remote maintenance. The router is connected to the internet via usb tethering. When it comes to a reboot of the router, it does not automatically connect to the internet with the existing usb tethering connection, but I have to log into the admin panel each time on site and confirm the tethering connection manually. Is there a way that the router after a reboot the previously existing usb tethering connection automatically re-established?

Would this not be resolved using the multiwan settings and tell it to assume the connection to tethering is ALWAYS active (turn off connection monitoring)?

Good question. I cant answer this, maybe the support can help?

What tethering device are you using? iPhone, andriod?

So you just need to click connect everytime? do you need to accept tethering again on the phone?