Connect to USB-Harddisk through Mainrouter and GL


First sorry for my english.

I have a problem, perhaps you can help me.

I have a GL-AR300M. And i have a harddisk on its USB-Port.

I would like to read/write from my laptop through my mainrouter (which is connected to the Internet), through my GL to the harddisk. Like this:


Laptop <-> Mainrouter (connected to internet) <-> GL <-> USB-Harddisk


I heard, that i need the client-mode on GL for this, is this correct?

Do you have perhaps a detailed manual for my for this special problem? Thank you very much in advance!

yes by default the devices behind the GL are isolated because they’re on a separate network. you can make it a client as opposed to a router and then all of the devices will be able to see and communicate. just be aware of the security difference between the two situations, especially with USB disks being in the mix.

Hi, thanky! And how do i “make it a client as opposed to a router”?

Sorry, don’t understand. I tried this manual:

But had only the effect, that after that i couldnt connect to the GL and hat to reset ist.

I think you can just enable WAN access in the UI. By default it only shares to LAN. You don’t need to set up any client mode

Hi, thank you, we solved the problem: GL.Inet - Anschlus externe USB-Festplatte möglich? - Hardware - Freifunk Forum