Connect uart adapter to AR300M


can someone explain to me how to connect an uart-adapter to an AR300M?

I cannot see any connectors…

And is it 3.3 or 5V?

Many thanks!

It is 3.3V. You have to solder the pins by yourself.

Ok, but how do you open it?

<span style=“line-height: 1.5;”>I’ve seen the video on how to open the light blue model and that has a little “dent” where you can prise it open. </span>

I don’t have such a dent on my ar300m and at the moment I am having troubles getting at it…

Flip your router over so that you can see the white product label and it’s upside down. There’s a minuscule gap almost directly above the ROHS logo at the seam of the case. Actually, it’s slightly on the left hand side of the circular logo.

Dig in with a small pen-knife and go for it. Takes a bit of work the first time.


Got it.

Many thanks!