Connect wifi printer to Slate?

Brand new setup, using Slate in RV as wifi router tethered to an iPhone. Just realized my wifi printer is not on the LAN. So dumb question: How do I add it to the LAN? Will changing the ssid of the new router to the same as the ssid of the one it replaced work? With no WPS on the router I’m kind of stumped. Thanks!

You should be able to resetup your WiFi printer to attach to the new SSID even without WPS or alternatively as you say , change your Slate to the old SSID and passphrase.

Either should work :slight_smile:

The printer has no way to input the password so that’s a problem. But I set up the guest 2.4 network with the old ssid, and boom, it worked. So issue solved. Thanks!

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I have a wireless printer here.

Once you change SSID you can not way to make the printer connect to the new SSID. Only way is to reset the printer and start over or change the SSID of the router to the old one.