Connected to Network, but not to internet

Hi. I am a newbie. I have searched for this topic but can’t find anything the same. Apologies in advance if I have missed something!

I am at a Motel trying connecting to my GL-A1300 to their network. My Router firmware is 4.5.0 and described as up-to-date in my Admin Panel. I am using my Laptop with Windows 11. I have already successfully connected through to the internet with my end-user devices (computer & mobile).

I have tried connecting the router via Ethernet (my WAN port to their LAN port - with change to LAN option for repeater). I also tried Wirelessly with both 2.4 & 5G. For each attempt I clicked on Switch Networks in the Admin panel to retry with the same result.

In each case the network shows as connected but with an error icon. Under the Repeater section I can see the correctly connected SSID but with the following error message: “The interface is connected, but the Internet can’t be accessed.”

The problem is this: as I click on the Hotel Network to connect to it - it does connect OK but the Admin Panel does not prompt me to enter the Password for that SSID. That’s really weird because my end-user devices did prompt me for the password before connecting. I suppose that lack of password is what is not allowing me to access the internet.