Connecting Beryl to existing network

I currently have a Mesh wireless network using the IP addresses, is it possible to connect my GL-MT1300 Beryl router to this network so that it and devices connected to the GL-MT1300 Beryl get their IP addresses from the Mesh network but can also route via the GL-MT1300 Beryl VPN using VPN Policies.
I have tried this with the GL-MT1300 Beryl using it’s default 192.168.8.X setting but that means the 192.168.8.x devices cannot access the 192.168.1.x devices.

My Mesh network has very limited configuration options.

I have thought about buying the GL-B2200 Velica 2-pack but I don’t believe it allows for a seperate 2.4Ghz ‘Smart’ network and it also needs at least one additional LAN port on the Main node.

It is called extender in our firmware. Go to more settings → network mode and set up

There doesn’t appear to be a VPN option when in extender mode?

VPN only works in router mode because it needs to capture the data.

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