Connecting home vpn to main router

GL-MT1300 is my main router ( router#1)
I’m running home vpn server using GL-MT300N-V2 router(i.e router#2) which is behind router#1.
I’m able to connect to home vpn server from outside my lan.

Is it possible to connect router#1 as vpn client to router#2? I would like to run my own vpn server and connect my main router to it.

Please help. thanks in advance.

Note. when I used the wireguard config in router#1, It didn’t successfully connect(amber color status was on) to router#2 vpn. I also already done port forwarding and even excluded router#2 from router#1’s vpn exclusion policy.

As your router#2 is connected to router#1 directly, you should not connect router#1 as VPN client to router#2.

VPN connection should be built between two units that physically not connected.

Thanks. I resolved it.

when I connect rounter#1 to router#2(i.e home vpn server), network speed is reduced to 1/3 of normal speed(i.e without home vpn) which is significant speed reduction. is that expected? how I can improve it? thanks in advance.

Openvpn is slow
Wireguard is fast

What is your speed with/without vpn?

  1. without vpn is 90 mbps, with vpn 30 mbps
  2. another issue. I have two GL-MT1300 routers. when I tested both router with wired and no vpn , seeing different speed. one gives 270mbps and second one gives me 90 mbps. any reason why this difference? thanks in advance.

If you use openvpn, the speed is low. Can you confirm you use wireguard?

I guess that one is working on 2.4G and one on 5G?

  1. Yes . Wireguard
  2. Tested in wired connection