Connecting Slate plus to TP-Link M7000 - tips?

Hi there,

We will be staying at a place that uses a TP-Link M7000 4G/LTE router to provide wifi for guests.

Our experience using the Slate Plus in repeater mode has been unreliable and up until this upcoming visit, we’ve been able to plug in via an ethernet cable.

This May not be an option for the TP-Link M7000 set up.

I wonder if someone can connect via tethering using a USB-C cable?

Has anyone attempted to connect a GL inet device to internet through a tp-link m7000?

Any general troubleshooting tips on investigating why repeater mode won’t connect?

Thanks in advance,

I’ve noticed that repeater mode doesn’t work for me when source is on 5GHz DFS channels. It works on the lower non-DFS fine.

There might be a block of NAT devices – try applying TTL 65 fix found on this forum. Change outgoing TTL