Connecting the gl-mt300a to a bridged modem

Hey there,

in the modem from my ISP (CH6640E from CBN) I activated “bridged mode”, meaning it will not do any dhcp or routing, but simply forward anything to its lan interfaces, as explained hereüber-Kabel/bridge-mode/td-p/868970 (in german).

When I connect my laptop to one of these interfaces via ethernet cable, it gets a (public) IP directly from my ISP. This works, but is not the setup I want.

Instead I want to connect my mt300a router to one of the modems interfaces and let it receive the public IP from my ISP and then do the lan dhcp, routing, etc.

I set the mode to dhcp on the wan interface of the mt300a router, but it wont get a IP. Any ideas what I might do wrong? Or maybe there is some guide on how to do that?

Seems it should get an IP. I don’t know why it cannot. Can you set static IP? You can copy IP, netmask, gateway and dns settings from your computer when you computer get a public IP.