Connecting to Cruise Wifi

I just brought a (yellow) wireless travel router to use on the Norweigan Cruise ship. I tried
to connect it using the directions provided in the packaging.

(I have purchased 1 stream and surf/1 device from the cruiseline)

  1. I can see the GL-MT*** name on my computer wifi once I plug up the router.
  2. I use my computer to go to the http:// 192***** website and sign in
  3. Once I choose (repeater), I can scan and connect to the ship’s wifi.
    This is where the problem starts:
    I am asked to sign into my ship account using my “profile” number on my key card.
    I cannot do this through the travel router, so I ended up connecting with my computer.
    I am now connected to the interent.
  4. I discounted my computer from the internet and try to re-connect the travevl router
  5. Scanned the “repeater:” mode and it says it is Connected.
  6. However, nothing connected to the travel router is getting connected to the internet.
    I get an error that says,“I am only allowed one device”.
    What am I doing wrong?

You have to spoof (“clone”) the computer’s wifi mac address.

The cruise ship’s internet creates a list of authorized devices, by mac address, and unless the device is in the list, it won’t connect. So you log in to the router, and enter the computer’s mac address so that the router is responding with the computer’s mac address rather than its own.

Admin|More Settings|Mac Clone

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Thank you for your quick response. I am not good at computers, so if you would, could you give me a step by step instruction on how to make this work. I would really appreciate it,

Where can I find my computer’s ( Lenevo), mac address, and where do I put this info?

Every network adapter has a unique media access control (MAC) address. It is usually represented as six two digit hex numbers, separated by colons. Let’s say your Lenovo laptop has a wifi connection and you are running windows 10. If you go to your adapter settings, you are looking for that address. Sometimes it is referred to as a hardware or physical address.

So, of the many ways to find it, press the windows key, and in the box enter “network status”, then click on “view hardware and connection properties”. Look for the physical address, copy it, and paste it into the Admin|More Settings|Mac Clone box.

You should do mac clone.

Connect your Lenevo to the Mango router, go the admin panel->more settings->mac clone. Choose the clone mac

Pls note for Mango, in 3.203 firmware there is a bug that mac clone does not work in repeater mode. This has been fixed and you can try this snapshot firmware. GL.iNet download center

I just tried and macclone works on this firmware.