Connecting to internet based tv channels


I’m not particualrly techie minded so forgive me if im missing something simple with my problem.

I am setting up my mini smart router, it is connected to mt BT Router via the WAN port and then connected to my BT vision box with the LAN cable.
I have succesfully connected to the internet and wi-fi works great but when I go to watch my sport channels, i get an error saying to check my broadband connection but when I look at the BT vision setting it says it is connected. I’ve restared the BT box, restarted the BT router but this hasn’t helped.

Any help in how to get it set up to recieve the sport channels would be much appreciated

Is this error on your tv box? Or you want to cast from your phone and this message is on your phone?

Its an error on my tv box

So the TV box displays it is connected to the network but does not have Internet? Honestly I don’t have a clue why.

If you plug a notebook or similar into the wired LAN port do you have internet?
That would at least eliminate if it’s the router or the BT box.

I am connected to the mini router, via my laptop, good signal, good speeds, everthing working as it should be.
The TV box says it is “connected to broadband”
I can watch catch up TV, iplayer etc etc through the TV box
I can’t get my subscription channels, interestingly, the subscription channels appear on the tv guide with descriptions of whats on etc but as soon as I select a subscrption channel the tv screen goes black and I get the error.
I think the tv box is connected to the internet otherwise I wouldnt get the catch up services but it just won’t play ball with my sport channels!

Do you use VPN on the router?

May I know which mini router you are using?
Also what is the model of your smart TV and tv box?

VPN not set up on router

It’s a GL iNet Mango Mini Smart Router 2AFIW 300NV2

Its a BT youview box DTR-T2100/500G/BT/DF 91-00438

TV is a Panasonic TX P42S21BA