Connecting Unifi Wireguard server with GL routers

Many people asked before can GL routers connect to other Wireguard Server, like Asus, pfSense, Ubuntu or UniFi. The answer is yes. We have a valuable customer Mr. J. Pat (I simply his full name for privacy) who help us to show how to create a Wireguard by UniFi UDM-Pro.

Configure WireGuard VPN Server (UniFi UDM-Pro)

Please go to UniFi Network and access Settings > Teleport & VPN, you will see “VPN Server” in the middle of the screen. Then press Create New button.

You will open another window called New VPN Server. Please choose Wireguard. It will configure automatically. If you are a geek user, you can change the settings here if you want. Save the configure and the new server is readied.

Configure WireGuard VPN Client profile

Under the saved server and click Add Client, you will open a window called Add WireGuard Client.
You can use the function tab Auto-generated to create your client profile. Then download the client profile to your PC and then you can upload to our GL router.

Most people just quit after downloading the profile without click the Add. If you forgot to add this profile to the server, the server will not recognize it and refuse you client connection.

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