Connection drop when using two VPN's

I have WireGuard client running on my GL-AX1800 router and using Mullvad VPN. I configured my router to not use VPN for the guest network by setting up VPN Policy based on VLAN. I connect my work computer to my WiFi guest network. I also have Cisco Anyconnect VPN client running on my computer and connected to my companies VPN. When I activate WireGuard, my network every 5-10 minutes or so will drop all packets and drop my connection but then come right back. If I stop WireGuard client on my router then my Cisco connection is stable. Anyone know why I may be having this issue?

Will it drop all packages for all devices or just for your work laptop?
Please attach your logs as well, they might be helpful.

Thank you so much for helping me.
It drops packets only on my work laptop. So I believe this happens when my work VPN on my laptop looses packets. Not the actual internet.
Where/how would I capture logs?

Maybe your company blocks usage of VPN over VPN?

They say they are not but how can I prove this?