Connectivity Problems

So I’m not very well versed in hardware knowledge but. My concern is, My MT300N-V2 will connect to wifi in repeater mode and operate fine for 24 hours or until the DHCP lease expires im assuming. It then will get hung and have no internet connection even while saying it’s connected, until I manually go into the Admin Panel and disconnect and reconnect it to my wifi. I downloaded LuCI and tried to change the WWAN protocol to static address and set the time for infinite in hopes that it would stay connected for more then 24 hours but it then will not connect to wifi whatsoever and in about 5 minutes it will revert itself back to DHCP client as the protocol. Is there something I can do to keep my wifi connected continuously because it gets hung and has no internet connection every single day after 24 hours. Again I’m not even sure what I was doing was helping. But every day I have to disconnect and reconnect my wifi manually from the mango. This is quiet frustrating. Any help would be much appreciated!

What is the nature of the wifi you are repeating … your own wifi router, hotel wifi, public hotspot, or something else?

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I’m connecting to my home wifi. I’ve done a 48 hour ping test and lost no more than 3-4 responses. Don’t think it could be my wifi

Mango only has one radio for 2.4ghz.

Is there a option on your home router to change the bandwidth 20/40Mhz to only 20Mhz?

Are you using a crowded Wifi channel?

It could also be the wifi security settings?

Right I got it sorted for now at least I believe. I just switched protocol to static. And filled out gateway, ipv4, and dns servers and disabled DHCP in the settings, now it’s showing not to have an expire date I’ll come back if in 24 hours if it disconnects again.

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