Control 4g/5g routers via SMS

I have a brand new x3000. It is installed in a remote location and I rely on the 4g/5g connection as the only connection to the internet. The problem is that nobody is at the location where the X3000 is installed. If something goes wrong (and it does) and the internet connection is lost there is no way that I can control it. It is essential that I could reboot the device remotely when the internet connection goes down. Being connected to the cellular network it would be ideal that a simple sms-message could reboot the device. I have seen something similar with Teltonika devices:

Does GL.inet have a similar functionality in the roadmap? It would make the device much more robust and useable for remote locations that need to run in unattended mode. Maybe there are OpenWrt plugins that could help to make this functionality myself?

Whatchdog ping to any ip ( by ex…) each 5 min?

It’s a valuable suggestion, we will analyze the feasibility. Thanks a lot.