Controlling internet source


Please take a look at the following scenario. I have connected my GL.iNet GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX) to two internet sources - Ethernet and Android 4G data tethering via USB. I have set up Tethering as the highest priority. I was trying to test what would happen in case I shut down Android tethering and how long it would take to restore the connection using the backup Ethernet connection.


I was quite impressed to see that I could do it even during a video call - the call would freeze for 3-4 seconds but the connection would be restored using a backup source. However, when I re-connected the Android tethering connection, I noticed that I’d still be on the Ethernet, even though Tethering was online again. If I wanted to come back on Tethering, I’d need to disable tethering manually by unplugging the cable. Therefore I have 2 questions regarding how to use the Admin Panel:

  1. Is it possible to clearly view where exactly is the traffic coming from/to? Currently, the only way I could test it is by monitoring my Android device’s traffic whilst tethering, which is not very efficient. It seems like there isn’t a way how can I view where am currently connected to.

  2. Is it possible to manually switch the source using Admin Panel? So far the only way I could do it is by physically terminating the connection of the secondary source, to switch to the primary one.

I did try enabling this Forcer Refresh Streams option, but it didn’t seem to have made any difference.

Can you advise me please how can I achieve more control over what source of internet connection am I using? If it’s impossible, may I request it as a new feature?

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I noticed that you used vpn.

Please note, once vpn tunnel is built, it will not change to a different connection.

So if your tethering is disconnected, it will failover to Ethernet because vpn is broken and needs to rebuild.

But if you connect Tethering, although new traffic (e.g. http) will go to the Tethering, but vpn tunnel will not. It will remain connected.

Right, I understand. So is there a way to manually set it to a different connection other re-plugging the modem?

Also, I noticed that my Tethering works fine only when VPN is enabled. I’m reliably getting about 10-20Mbps with both Android and my USB 4G modem, but only as long as I am connected to the VPN. As soon as I go off the VPN, it says I’m connected on the admin page but I can’t connect anywhere. Sometimes it’s working at extremely low speeds, but eventually dies. As soon as I enable VPN it all comes back live. Is there a setting for this?

Now you have to manually disconnect/reconnect vpn so that the tunnel is rebuilt in the prior connection.