Convexa-B routers - VPN Policies being ignored when MESH enabled

I have two Convexa-B routers with MESH enabled (Main Node and Sub Node 1).

When I connect the OpenVPN Client, the VPN Policy that I have configured appears to be totally ignored. This results in the traffic for all clients which are connected to the MESH main wifi being routed over the VPN.

The firmware version installed on both routers is: 3.215

What VPN Policy are you using Mac address or Domain/IP? Are you using Static IP addresses?

I’m using a MAC address policy and have Static IP address binding enabled for just three of my devices.

The VPN policy works fine when MESH isn’t enabled.

I tested the Mac address VPN policy and it works,

I checked by running the command ‘ifconfig tun0’ on main router, you can have a look at it to confirm.
On the other hand, could you paste some screenshot or config file to analyze the problem?