Copy GL-AX1800 over to GL-MT6000

I want to replace my GL-AX1800 with my GL-MT6000. I tried downloading a tar.gz backup of my GL-AX1800 in luci and uploading to my GL-MT6000 but it just breaks the GL-MT6000. And by “breaks” I mean I cannot connect to it, at all, completely and utterly broken.

Is there a way to carry over my settings from my GL-AX1800 to my GL-MT6000? I have done a lot of things to it and I am just not interested in rebuilding a new router from scratch. I will likely just sell the new router on eBay rather than go through that hassle again.

What sort of stuff have you done to the old router? You can move things like static DHCP and Wireguard by copying across the appropriate single file to the new router but need to know more details for the appropriate files.

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@limbot is right. You should take care of single files instead of the whole backup.

Whole backup won’t work since it will contain all files and the operating system of the MT6000 is „completely“ different - it will simply break then.


Thanks for the answers. I’ll probably just sell it. Appreciate the help.

Can you give us a quick overview about what you changed? I can just think about 2-3 things and all of them would be quick to recreate. :sweat_smile:

I had a similar roadblock switching fr GL firmware 3.216 to 4.4.0.

Flint v1 GL firmware runs on OWRT 21.0x. v2 is on 23.05. Some differences in configuration is expected but nothing that can’t be replicated. You can use 7zip to cherry pick the confs fr the Flint v1 over to v2.

By default all files in the tarball are just text files anyways.

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