copy settings from glinet GL1800 to glinet ax6000

I have a new AX6000 router wich will replace a GL1800 Wireguard server. Is there a way (via backup copy maybe?) to transfer all of the settings from the old GL1800 router to the new AX6000. I’m not as concerned with the wireless setup but would like to transfer all of my existing wireguard settings. This would be so I don’t have to distribute new client configurations to remote users. Especially difficult for remote sites using opnsense or other routers that require manual configuration and cannot just accept a QR code.


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yes and no. Doing a config backup + restore isn’t really advisable because the firmware version changed pretty much.

WG configuration should be easy, you should be able to view it and can set it manually. All details should be saved inside the file /etc/config/wireguard_server

Quick & dirty: make a backup in LuCI on your old one, use 7Zip & your favorite text editor to pop open those individual config files, copy & paste into the new device’s settings.

Your Flint v2 has a far more up to date OpenWrt Linux running on it. A direct 1:1 export → import/old → new is prone to fail &/or summon gremlins.

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