Could a CONVEXA solve this (ethernet backhaul)?

I have to cover a L shaped house. I had two GL-AR750S-Ext available so I have tested that configuration :

  • one of the GL-AR750S-Ext is connected to the modem.
  • the other GL-AR750S-Ext is put in AP mode and connected via Ethernet from its WAN port to a LAN port of the other one

The main issue I have is about some Wi-Fi devices trying to stay connected even if the other Wi-Fi AP is nearer.

So, I would like to know if one of the Convexa (and eventually the right version) allows to have that type of configuration (ethernet backhaul) and does Wifi mesh steering, please.

Many thanks

Should fix. I lived in a u shaped house with the ISP modem in one of the arms of the u due to lazy technicians. Connected a Convexa B to the router ISP router and turned off wifi on it, Convexa B in the base of the u and another in the opposite arm if the u and all good. Mesh was connected via wifi not Ethernet. Smooth handoff and coverage throughout the house.

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