Could someone help a newbie with network storage on an AX1800 Flint

As the title suggests, I just need a tiny bit of help, I previously had an ASUS Router AX4200 which im sorry but it was a load of rubbish for coverage, I had a USB stick plugged into it, the router made it very easy to share this USB stick between all of my devices, read, write, modify, delete etc.

Ive just changed my Router to the GL inet AX1800 Flint and flashed firmware 4.5.0, im struggling a little bit with network storage, ive tried going though the help section and you may as well have written it in Chinese, so ive plugged the stick into the side of the router, then inside the router firmware I can see that it is found, ive then enabled Samba, Samba over WAN and DLNA----so that my networked AV receiver can see the music on the USB stick and stream it etc, I can also see all the folders on my mobile phone through the GL inet app, and also see them on my windows 11 pro PC, however, im only able to read, I would like to be able to modify, write and delete too, any help would be greatly appreciated.

DLNA is always read-only access.

For write access, you must first activate SAMBA, then create a user with the corresponding authorizations in User Management, and finally share the corresponding folder in the “Shared Folders” tab.

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried it myself, but that’s how it should be.

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Wow thank you, that actually turned out to be pretty easy once I found my way around it, it was a bit alien to me at first, on the ASUS router it was just a case of flipping a switch inside the router firmware.

Any idea how I can access the files through Goodcloud ? for when im out and about, I have control of the router, block devices etc and can browse to the USB folders but all of them are showing “No files” when I select a folder.

Oh, and please deactivate Samba via WAN - this is a gigantic security risk.

No, you cannot access files via Goodcloud, afaik.
Use VPN (Wireguard) or ZeroTier for this.

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FYI: “GoodCloud” is a WG based service.

Firmware 4.46-release1 is the current Stable (GL GUI → System → Upgrade).

Docs for GoodCloud, etc.:

Thanks, all I want to do is be able to access the files on the USB stick thats connected to the port on the side of the router whilst im away from home, so things like my music and pictures etc, im not bothered if that part of it is read only.

Basically im having to put exactly the same files and folders on my one drive account so I can access them away from home, but from one drive, with my ASUS router I was able to access the files on the USB stick from anywhere in the world so didnt need the one drive account.

I can connect to it on my mobile phone with the GL inet app as long as im connected to the wifi, but if I turn the wifi off and use mobile data, I can still see the USB stick and folders, but when I open a folder it shows no files, ive added a couple of picts below showing the same thing, but one is on mobile data and one is on wifi, it seems more like a permission thing to me, just dont know how to fix it.

Also 4.5.0 is RC (release candidate) so will probably goto release pretty soon.

Nah. It’s not.

It is only WG based if you establish a site-to-site VPN connection between two GL.iNet routers. And then the WG tunnel only exists between these devices. Otherwise GoodCloud is only HTTP and probably WebRTC for the remote admin portal.

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Oh, I can see that now. I was under the impression all comms were tunnelled. Huh.

Man I was hoping I was the only one with this issue. Being able to remotely download media, docs and pics would be sweet, not to mention upload.

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Yes exactly this, I could do it easily with my ASUS TUF AX4200 router, just download an app on my phone called ASUS AI Cloud and enable it on the router with just one switch, and it would allow me to do everything, even turn on computers in my home as long as wake on LAN was enabled on those PCs, its just coverage in my home was rubbish, I needed to add access points, with the Flint 1 I get full coverage, but ive had to mirror all the files onto one drive and use that to access my files away from home.

Former asus user as well. The dual wan setup I had freaked the router out when dropped and couldn’t access aicloud til after a reboot so gave up on it (didn’t try again after the last update). Trying to prevent having to tailscale everything together (RV, Portable build, house).

vsftpd is available in the default feeds. You’re welcome to a copy of my conf if you like.

syncthing is available in the default feeds. It’s a bit older but it works. You can pause any folder that’s ‘shared’ from it on a per-device ID/syncthing instance basis.

Thanks, I appreciate it but want to see what they (GL) can come up with before I jump on tail scale zer0tier (or before we get creative)

*Tailscale working ok