Couple of issues with slate

Hey, using slate for almost a month.

I configured it correctly witgVpn by nordVpn,
And u have xoupleof issues that the support here doesn’t help or solve:

  1. When restarting it seems that everything got connected, but still no internet.
    I need to diaconnect and reconnect to vpn to have internet.
  2. It doesn’t connect automatically to some of the wifi networks (at home is fine, for example but in the co-work not)
  3. The spees of the main router is 80 mbps. The router speed is 2.5 mbps.
  4. Button that should connect /diaconnect vpn (as configured) is not working after one week without me doing anything.

Support is slow and can’t help. Any ideas?

One sample of related ideas:
If you have vpn problems and a activated Kill Switch, you don’t get a internet connect. In this case, its a feature and no bug.

The internet kill switch is off