CPU Average Load

Running GL-MT6000, with Wireguard Client, after a day the cpu load just rise
but when i change server the load go down and stay down for about a day.

after a day:
change Server:

to better investigate the processes that cause the high load, log in from SSH and run:

opkg update
opkg install htop

Also you can have insight about running processes:
ps | grep -v '\['

What firmware version?

Firmware is up-to-date: Version 4.5.6

Never done anything with SSH before :sweat_smile:

top got me this, what is ksoftirqd/2 ?


im not sure what im looking for…

Change the VPN Client server to another and now it looks like this:


Do you have any other things installed on your router which are unusual in normal setup?
Like a HDD or 5G modem by USB or something like that?

No USB, HDD, or 5G.
Just 2 RJ45 Cat6 connected, one for wan and one for lan to a switch.
Running is WG-client, WG-server, and A guard home.

About 2hours later…

Something not ok with your CPU load! The high CPU usage of ksoftirqd processes need manual investigation. Can you please paste the result of the followings commands:

cat /proc/interrupts
cat /proc/softirqs

If you do not have the time or the technical skills needed, just re-flash the modem and the latest version and keep monitoring the modem WITHOUT enabling the VPN for a day or so. Then enable the VPN and keep monitoring.

If you experienced the load after enabling the WG server && don’t want to re-flash the modem, then you can remove WG server package and reinstall it again from the packages. But I would not recommend this step as the package is customized by GL.

UPDATE: if you could do the re flashing from using Uboot method, to make sure you have a clean slate firmware.

Google: “what is ksoftirqd”

Typically, the router generates a soft interrupt for every packet it sends.

But, do you think the CPU load is normal?

After disable the Wireguard vpn server and reboot the router the load seems to stay low,

But, is it a normal behavior?

I have no idea.

Guess the fix was turn off WG vpn Server and Client and then reboot the router and then start WG vpn Server and Client, seem to do the trick.

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