CPU throttling and optimizing speed

I’ve had the MV1000 for a few days now and I noticed that the WireGuard speed fluctuates from 30mbps to over 100mbps time to time. I have confirmed that the speed fluctuation is not due to my VPN provider or internet connection since I tested this on devices.

I thought of a couple of reasons why this may be the case:

  1. I noticed that the MV1000 gets pretty warm. Does anyone know if the firmware throttles the CPU when it gets warm? Do you guys cool it down with a fan?

  2. Using beta firmware. Is a stable firmware going to offer more consistent speeds? I have used the beta firmware since inception since I need IPv6.

  3. I connected a powerful router set up as a bridge so this rules out inconsistency caused by the less powerful WiFi module of the MV1000.

  4. Can any setting optimizations be done to the WireGuard client?

What other things have you guys done to optimize the device and get consistent speeds?

what is your room temperature?
what is the device temperature (install lm-sensors, ssh to router, write sensors in terminal, hit enter and paste here your output)?

I’m in Toronto so there is no problem with temperature most of the year. Room temperature currently is 22C.

Will install it and view the device temperature.

We are can see output?

Here you go:

temp is normal, i’m have 65 and all good working

Temperature is fine.

Can you check if you have real time traffic monitoring enabled? Turn it off.

I have real-time monitoring turned off all the time.

In comparison speed is very consistent on my Asus router using OpenVPN with the same VPN provider.