Crazy House or crazy router?

Hi all,
i recently moved to a new house.
Basically, i always taken access to internet from public hotspot (social wifi powerd by ISP) and I bridged it into my newtork.
In new house, despite the public hotspot stronger signal, i lost very often the access to internet because of the signal drops (my network? public hotspot? probably both…)
here what happens:

the signals marked yellow are my networks (2.4ghz (the first) and 5ghz (maroon)); other two networks are the public hotspot

It seems something strong cause interference (only 5ghz network seems to be stable)…what is your opinion?

My router: AR750 with 3.104

when it drops look at throughput in openwrt advanced under wireless for the access point at bottom.

I used xfinitywifi with AR750 at my old place from across the street the 2.4ghz would drop if you tried to pull full speed. 5ghz was stable and full speed. Moved since then new place has xfinitywifi and it works fine on 2.4ghz is a lot more stable but i still use 5ghz for the faster throughput.

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