Create a new SSID for Streaming Devices that Bypass VPN

I have a GL-AXT1800. I would like to have a normal SSID for the entire house that goes through VPN and a “Streaming” SSID for streaming services only. I have VPN enabled using “VPN Policy Base on the VLAN” for just the Private VLAN not the Guest. I have the Guest SSID turned off. How do I create a 3rd SSID instead of enabling and renaming the Guest SSID that I can exclude from VPN use by using the switch in the VPN VLAN dashboard? I understand it correctly, there are all kinds of firewall settings that block the Guest SSID from using local resources. I would also like the users on the new SSID to be able to use resources like printers and file shares on the local network. Also, is it possible to use the “Block Non-VPN Traffic / kill switch” and still allow traffic from the “Streaming” SSID to access the internet and local resources?

The VPN Dashboard page does not adapt to VLANs added manually by the user. I recommend that you add the guest->lan rule directly to LuCI’s firewall page. This will allow devices in the guest network to access devices in lan.

Not supported in the current version.

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