Create Surfshark WireGuard configuration files on OpenWRT

I found a post about how to create Surfshark WireGuard configuration files on OpenWRT, and I just tried the project on GL-AR750S 3.212, it works. Anyone interested can try it.


Would be great to see someone do this on the Flint AX1800.

I just tested the project on GL-AX1800 Flint, 3.213, it works too. :grinning:
I think the project works on all GL.iNet routers.


Waiting for it…when it available on the mobile app?

I think on June or July will have a beta version. :grinning:

I am using the scripts for the past month and it works. We try not to advertise it to much because surfshark doesn’t give us Wireguard conf files officially

It looks like they’re doing a poll to see if they want to do this feature

The project started by yazdan about six month ago

wireguard client config files for surfshark

It works . Every monday we wimply gen new keys or verify the old ones again

New forks came along by ruralroots and then came


You can use it passively every Monday or dynamically with sswg


Hopefully not too long to wait?