Create Surfshark WireGuard configuration files on OpenWRT

Hopefully not too long to wait?

Hey guys,
I am working on integrating the Surfshark WireGuard to GL.iNet app. There still have issue as @anes said, have to verify the old keys every 7 days, otherwise the connection will be invalid. The verify process is to connect router, open app, then go to the Surfshark page, that is it.
If so, would you still want to add Surfshark to the app?


That would be great especially if you can add a cron job that automatically does all the verification and if it fails you start the verification manually

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Good idea, but this would have to go on the firmware side and it would take longer to get all models to have this feature.

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Break in two stages first bring the the integration that you planed and then complete with the cron job. Thanks for all the effort

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The test version is available. Please note it may has bugs. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


Google Play:

Surfshark’s WireGuard key is valid for 7 days, if the key is invalid, the WireGuard configuration is invaid too, so you need to update it from time to time. You can see the expiration date of the key in the Surfshark Account page of the app. When the expiration date of the key is less than 5 days, it will be updated automatically when you go to the Surfshark page. When the expiration date of the key is less than 24 hours, a notification will be sent to remind you, and you can turn off this notification in the Account page.

Below is the Surfshark account page,

Below is the Surfshark page.

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After 7 days expired, we need to log in again in order to renewal, right?

Or before 5 days expired, we go to account page of surfshark from the app then its will auto renewal?

Yes. But it will sends you a notification on day 6, and clicking on that notification will renewal it.

Yes. The auto renewal job is doing at the Surfshark page. See image below.

Alright :+1: noted with thanks :blush:

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So far am notice that the switching location is unable take effect, which mean you need to off the vpn then on back for the location you want.

There does seem to be a bug, thanks for the feedback. I’ll fix it as soon as possible.


@Leo . I had to join the app beta for glinet to get the wireguard config for Surfshark.
works fine for me after the app updated.
Thank You!


@leo how do I login surfshark with 2fa enabled?


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I tried it, and there was a problem with turning on 2FA, so I’ll see if I can fix it.

Thanks a lot!! Really appreciate it

Surfshark releases manual WireGuard connection

I just update to docs

Btw, please improve the app for surfshark. Thanks for your efforts and dedicated hardwork.

Switching locations still not take effect during the vpn on?

Sorry for the late reply. The switching locations bug has fixed on beta version V1.3.0(116), we just release it


Alright :+1: great and awesome you people!