Creating VLANs on NT300N v2

I see that there is a VLAN in play, because eth0.2 works as the WAN and there is no problems. When I try to create a VLAN on the Luci web intrface, I have tried to create a new interface (I will call it eth0.10) it fails. If I try to create a new VLAN, trying to create it fails. So where an I missing the process? I thought that I could create a new interface, and once that was create, I could then create a new VLAN. Once upon a time, I used to remember how do all of from CLI, but that was a long time ago.

My MT300 is connected to my Cisco switch, and I know that my switch is getting an IP address from the MT300. But my other devices that I connected to the switch and attached to various VLAN defined on the switch get connection from the DHCP server on the MT300, which would seem that the MT300 does not see the defined VLANs on the switch.

An pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Pls do not use luci.

You may need swconfig to config the switch on MT300N-V2.


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