Creta file sharing

I am trying to get file sharing from a sd card working. I’ve downloaded file sharing and set it up pointing to mnt/sad which is the name of the card on the lan I am unable to access it from my iPad. I try to connect to smb:// and then sign on with root as the user Id and my administrative password and the link fails with a message. I tried a different program and that failed as well. I then opened port 445 in the firewall section and that failed to do anything.

How do I get file sharing working. I am on latest glinet firmware and iOS on my iPad.

The latest versions of iOS (iOS 14 and later) do not support accessing Samba3 file shares natively. However, there are third-party apps available on the App Store that can provide this functionality.

One such app is “FileExplorer” by Skyjos Co., Ltd., which allows you to access Samba3 file shares from your iPad.

That’s the program I’ve been using. It doesn’t work…but I tried different apps and owlfiles worked.