Custom DNS for different Clients

is it possible to use a plugin or something to set custom DNS servers (preferably TLS) for different LAN client’s by IP or MAC address? Or worst case 1 DNS service for main network, and a different one for the guest network

AdGuard Home is able to provide different upstream DNS servers per client. But in that case you won‘t be able to use VPN domain-based policies anymore.

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Thank you. WIll look at Adguard home. I believe it is quite resource intensive though? While I’ll give it a go, happy to hear other suggestions if anyone knows.

Let me know if I am mistaken and Adguard home is not resource intensive

Are you able to use ssh or winscp? :slight_smile:

If so you may want to look into dnsmasq tag and mac identifiers


Thanks. will have a look at SSH - I have basic linux skills

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Yup you can there use list dhcp_option="6,dnsip" and it will serve a dns for that mac or tag.

Depends on your router.