Custom DNS Server & Netflix/Prime Video Issue

I am using 3.027 version firmware on B1300 ( I can’t upgrade due to PPPoE issue on later releases). I have manual DNS server settings and using nextDNS. Now I am facing issues with Netflix and Prime Video and both are unable to connect.

I have toggled “Override DNS Settings for All Clients” on and off and then Netflix /Prime Video start working but then stops again. This happens even if this setting is on or off, you just have to change it to make streaming services work for some time.

So only nextdns will make Netflix not work? How about other dns servers?

It is when I do manual nextdns server IP entries in B1300. With Cloudflare setting, it is working.

So when I set it up I get a message on the nexDNS account that the device is using NextDNS but after some time it starts giving another message that the device is using DNS of wireguard vpn server. Then Netflix will stop working as router starts using DNS server of a VPN provider.

I have set up VPN policies so that guest WiFi uses VPN and main WiFi should not use VPN. I tested my IP addresses connecting with main WiFi and then guest WiFi and both give expected results i.e. my IP from ISP with real location and VPN server addresses respectively.

So issue is with manual DNS server settings? I can’t upgrade firmware on B1300 from 3.027 as I will have PPPoE issue which isn’t yet resolve.

Do you have private channel to communicate?

We would like to ask one developer to check remotely about the pppoe problem.

You may need two Internet connections so what if one failed, the other one can still works.

Yes I can be reached by WhatsApp as well as by Microsoft Teams. But WhatsApp call works only on WiFi and not on 4G.

I have two Internet connections, one from ISP and one is 4G. How to send my details?