Custom DNS (w/ force all clients) vs. VPN DNS


If I configure a custom DNS and set force all clients on my MT300A (latest firmware), when I connect the router to a VPN using the build in OpenVPN client, which DNS will wlan clients use? The custom DNS or the VPN DNS?


Not sure what your set-up is…
Only traffic going through the MT300 will be “forced”. If your router is a client, then it will be “forced” otherwise it will use the DNS set in the router.

Your best bet is to test it yourself and see what DNS is reported and/or if you have DNS leaks.

I’m in the same boat as offtheradar (I think) - if using the router as a VPN client, the clients connected to the router will use the DNS settings of that VPn and ignore all DNS settings set on the router aka use Cloudflare DNS or dnsproxy settings.

I’m with Ghost Path VPN, anyone else using them or having a similar problem?
I’d like to use the router DNS settings and use DNS over TLS by Cloudflare while still using my OpenVPN connection.

it is confusing.

I’ve noticed that the cloudflare DNS actually does work on top of the VPN: cloudflare sees the VPN’s IP - not mine. You can check this here:

Incidentally that website is great to know if you can not reach the internet at all or if you’re just having DNS issues.

I have noticed that the custom DNS can have some effect on the ability to connect to the VPN. The most reliable I have tested is by just keeping the custom DNS defaults.