Custom DOT/DOH DNS server

Hi. Would it be possible to add the option to use a custom DOT or DOH DNS server instead of just being limited to the ones listed and selected by Gli-Net?
I need to use this in order to set my custom DOT ControlD server and have no way of doing this from the admin page of the Brume2.
I have read somewhere on another post that the Gli-Net staff that it is considered too complex for the average user but i disagree with this, entering a tls:// address is not more complicated than entering a series of numbers ( for a DNS server.
If you don’t want to add this option that seems something quite easy to implement could you at least add ControlD as an option for DNS over TLS like the one for NextDNS where you can enter your own ID.
I am sure many users would appreciate this function.



+1 to this. Welcome mathmxp!

Waiting for this. Temporary solution I use adguardhome setting for dns. But adguardhome don’t work well with VPN

+1, really need this

+1 I NEED to use NextDNS for parental control

+1 to this!!! Following…

+1, I don’t understand the argument that it is too difficult, Asus for example has this

I think adguard home could add tls address in dns upstream.

If have look your Adguard Home setup guide and already your own dns over tls

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P.s if you open port forward dns server and you might have warning email from provider about resolver dns server.
That why I received a warning email from provider while I tried open port forward to test on my phone with outside network(4G/5G) . So I decided to use Adguard DNS for router (upstream in adguard home) , for mobile (private dns setting in system, no apps), etc.

You should never ever do that.
There is no need for a public DNS relay, and it is highly risky to do it anyway.

AdGuard DNS is the way to go if you want to use DNS across multiple devices in different networks. AdGuard Home is the way to go if you would like to use DOT/DOH at home - you can disable all filtering completely.

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I know. I should not open port for dns server. I researched that happened since 2021. :gl_emoji_cool:

Manually edit the DoT/DoH configuration files(stubby & https-dns-proxy) under /etc/config/ will do the job.