Custom feed package to override default feeds

I’ve built a custom libsodium package without “Compile only what is required for the high-level API” option and put the ipk file with the appropriate Packages/Packages.gz/Packages.sig files in a custom repo. I then add that repo’s URL in the “Add Custom Software Source” in the router’s GL-iNet Admin Panel. However when I tried to install that package, it still downloaded from the default repo. So my question is how to make my custom repo higher priority than the default one?

Try setting up your custom repo in LuCI → System → Software → Configure opkg.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

The effect is the same.

Try using opkg directly in SSH:

Did that already. Still says “downloading from the default repo URL” instead of my custom URL. I even go as far as copying the ipk file to //tmp and then do a “opkg install /tmp/filename”… Still doesn’t work.