Custom firmware build - WLAN clients show as offline

I am building a custom firmware build for a volume deployment. It works well but on all my custom builds, all the WLAN clients show as offline. “Clients” shows as 0. This happens even with no modifications to the build (ie clean as checked out from gl.inet’s imagebuilder repo) but works fine with the “factory” builds. I am presuming there is a missing package causing this but I haven’t found it yet. I am using the “develop” branch, 3.104 firmware, on an MT300N router. I saw the same symptom on an MT300N-V2 as well though.

I will continue to poke around. If anyone knows the missing package would appreciate it! Thank you!


I did a full diff of the “self built” 3.104 vs the downloaded 3.100 firmware. The 3.100 doesn’t have any packages that aren’t in 3.104. There are quite a few small changes to the /www front end as well as startup scripts etc although I don’t see anything too consequential to this problem. This seems like a bug in the current develop branch of imagebuilder.

Can you use debug tools of your browser and check is there any errors? Need to check if it is a frontend of backend problem.

I will check.

I will note that the “0 clients” shows up both on the local administration webpage, as well as in the page, which seems like a backend issue (unless it is in both front ends).

Note that I just double checked and this DOES NOT happen on the MT300N-V2, only the MT300N.

I don’t see any errors in the browser console. Thank you!

Also does not happen on the AR150.

This model is old. Discontinued for a long time. So maybe bugs.