Custom Firmware for micro router


I would like to build a custom firmware to remove the unused section (Wireguard server, openvpn server, shadowsocks, shadowsocks server and anything in storage sine, there’s no way to share and SD or USB from microrouter) to free up some memory.

Here’s my the part I modify on my images.json file. Can anyone check and have a feedback. Im not sure on the storage part.

“vpn”: “openvpn-openssl wireguard gl-wg -gl-wg-server gl-vpn -gl-vpn-server -gl-ss -gl-ss-server”,
“storage”: “-blkid -kmod-fs-ext4 -kmod-fs-ntfs -kmod-fs-vfat -kmod-fs-exfat -ntfs-3g -samba36-server”,


Have you considered the “clean” version supplied by GL-iNet?

Otherwise - build from OpenWRT 18.06 or Master - support there for the USB-150 - then you can pick/choose what features you’d like to have.