Custom made WEBGUI home page

Hello !

This is my first post here and I’m newbie about these routers (custom tailed firmware), although we are using them (AR 150 EXT 2) as routers to connect our machinery to our servers (for remote management).
Excellent product and very reliable. Thank you GL INET

I would like to know whether (1) is possible to customize the GUI HOME PAGE (just remove some features like COULD / CAMERA for example) and (2) how to do it.

One of our staff (in our company) is maintaining our company website (in our internal webserver) and he is very familiar with CSS EDITOR but I have no idea where to start to.

I have ZERO experience on make new firmware and my experience is only on PLC and configuring these routers to work from remote (as VPN client).

Do I have to create a new firmware which include custom made home page, or can we ‘edit’ online the router loading a pre-made homepage like any other webserver ?

I thanks in advance for your help and sorry for newbie questions.


I think you’ll find all you need in this directory:


Step1: Edit our web files and test
Step2: Copy these web files and use them to compile your own firmware using our imagebuilder.

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Hi Alzhao
thanks a lot for your guide as patient as I’m a newbie

I follow the guide here:

but I have a doubt.

You say:
"You need to write down the software packages you installed and the files your modified. For example, you install luci-app-upnp and modified /etc/config/wireless, copy the content of wireless and put it in your current folder files/etc/config/wireless, suppose your are building an image for GL-MT300N, do this:

make image PROFILE=GL-MT300N PACKAGES=“luci-app-upnp openvpn-openssl kmod-usb-core” FILES=files/

You will have your firmware in several minutes in bin folder."

I just need to modify the home page and create an exact copy of YOUR standard firmare.
I don’t wanna delete any package of add others.
I just want to have an exact version like you but with my modified home page.
My question is : how do I know which package are included in your vanilla firmware ?

My question seems dumb but please be patient. I’m approaching it and as I said prone to learn but newbie totally.


in the original firmware, using the following command to find out which packages are installed.

opkg list-installed

This directory does not exist on E750

It is two years later!
Now the web is just in /www

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