Custom OpenWRT Build Source

I started from cloning gl-inet github repo.
I did as instructed:
./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a

Then make menuconfig and error appeared as such:

When attempting to compile, the build failed with this error.

What can I do to correct this problem?

It is warning, just ignore it.

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It is not a warning. As I stated, the build failed with this error.

I can’t see you had built it. You just only execute make menuconfig, which is a command of configuration.

As Kyson wrote, you will always get a warning when running make menuconfig, its a bug in the OpenWrt toolchain.

Can you post a screenshot of the actual error when building?

This is normal - as mentioned above…

make menuconfig is only one part of the build process - one you select your options, when you exit, then do make…

Might want to review here…

I am quite familiar with openwrt build system, and this build error is a result of missing dependencies. How do I get pass this error to make the build?

Johnex. I posted that error. It is exactly the same one, except I took the screenshot from the make menuconfig instead. Exactly the same error.

Why not just post the full screenshot so that everybody just believe you.

I don’t see the build failing from your screenshot. Show where it fails?
We already told you that on GL builds there are such warnings too.

Thanks guy for trying. I got help from the friend who introduced this router and she resolved the build errors by editing some config.

Can you share the fixes please? I have the same problem.