Custom URL for DDNS

Hi! I saw that the latest routers support DDNS through the Web UI. I’m wondering if there is a way to use my own custom URL instead of the predefined URL.

Make it with a CNAME. As long as you own a domain, you can set up a CNAME record from your domain name to an other domain.

For example: CNAME

All requests to will be handled as you call


That’s a good point. I did consider this but was wondering if I could not leave out the extra step of going through the domain. I’m setting my system up in another country where I won’t be able to update things frequently and I remember that they required folks to move to this new domain at one point. Wasn’t sure if this would happen again.

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Of course you can use any DDNS service. Even a self build, if your provider will support it. Mine won’t allow TTL lower than 60min per default.

There are for Example qnap, instar, shelly, … Nearly every half enterprise sized IOT distributor is giving a DDNS service, these days.

I haven’t asked my provider for a shorter TTL, because I am very happy with a bunch of CNAME to different IOT devices. If the IPs differ for longer than 5 min, a alarm in my monitoring will rise. Mostly because one service has a downtime, but life Round Robin I can use another. Poor man’s FailOver :wink:

Or even all to one with roundrobin.

Try install " luci-app-ddns" from application and follow below instruction in Luci:

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